A collaboration with Bonne suits, the patterns are inspired by the 3 Dosha's and on display in a window at the Bijenkorf Amsterdam. 
what are Dosha's?
The three doshas (Vata, Pitta& Kapha), according to Ayurveda, are the three energies that are present in a person’s body & mind. The three doshas control all body functions and determine their own type. The individual distribution of these three define the different characteristics of our personality, our preferences and habits, our weaknesses and strengths.

Vata is responsible for the nervous system, breath and all movement processes in the body. The elements ether and air are dived in the Vata-dosha. When vata is in balance, you feel energetic, happy, enthusiastic and creative; the mind is at ease. Clear and vivid.

Pitta regulates digestion and body temperature. In the mind it influences pungant intellect and emotions. Pitta mostly consists of the element fire. When this dosha is in balance, it provides satisfaction, energy, eloquence, good digestion, the right body temperature and a clear mind.

Kapha gives the body solidity and stability and keeps the liquid regulation in balance. The elements water and earth are divided to this dosha. A balanced Kapha gives strength, endurance, a healthy immune system, patience and phycological stability.